Sunday, April 26, 2009

Street Scene - Kensington Market

Starting to rough out a T intersection of Kensington Market, Toronto (Kensington Ave and St.Andrew St). 

Here's some renders so far:


Some paintings from earlier this year, from some vacation photos (the first in the Swiss Alps near Wengen and Grindelwald, and the other 2 from Tongyeong, Korea).

Havn't done much digital painting aside from game environment textures. Finally tried these out on my new Cintiq-20WSX, the first 2 in Painter and the 3rd one in Photoshop.

Sketchbook (Jan-April 2009)

Some sketchbook scans from the last few months:

Sketchbook (2008)

Scanned in my sketchbooks from last year. Big post, here goes: